Flange Heating Tubes

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Flange Heating Tubes

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Detailed introduction of metal heating tube:

The main electric heating elements used in battery formation, battery coating and other equipment, all models are manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

Features of metal electric heating tube:

The electric heating tube adopts high-purity imported magnesium oxide rods and filling materials, and imported nickel-chromium wire to ensure the service life of the product;

Use imported high-temperature insulating glue to seal to ensure the safety factor of the product;

It can be used in series in low voltage stages to ensure the uniformity of the heating plate temperature.


Electric heating pipe diameter: Φ6㎜─Φ25㎜

Electric heating tube material: SS304/SUS316L/SUS310S/INCOLOY840/INCOLOY800

Insulation material: imported magnesium oxide rod

Heating material: imported Ni80Cr20 heating wire

Output voltage: customized

Product power: customized on demand

Power error (cold state): ﹢5%─10%

Insulation resistance: DC500V (unheated) ≥500MΩ

Leakage current: ≤0.5mA

Electrical performance: Leakage current is less than 0.5mA

Heating tube size: according to needs

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