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Single-head electric heating tube application

Single-head electric heating tube application

Single-head electric heating tube application

The structure of the single-head electric heating tube is to put an electric heating wire in the metal tube, and tightly fill the gap part with a high-temperature magnesium oxide rod with good thermal conductivity and insulation. Pick up. It has the advantages of simple structure, long life, high thermal efficiency, good mechanical strength, can be bent into various shapes, safe to use, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.; for low temperature tubes, aluminum tubes, copper tubes, and high temperature tubes are generally used. Use stainless steel tube.

Single-head electric heating tube is suitable for working in the heating medium that cannot be wired at both ends, such as high and low temperature insertion heating of various large and small molds and mechanical equipment, including punching dies and other molds, medical equipment, plastic sealing machines, bottle sealing Cover machine, continuous automatic sealing machine, cigarette making machine, etc.

The main ones are as follows:  

1. In medical and sanitary disinfection equipment, such as sterilizers, sterilizers, etc. 

2. Heating of motor vacuum dipping equipment, enameled wire drying device, etc.

3. Various household electric heating appliances in daily life, such as electric stove, electric oven, rice cooker, electric frying pan, electric frying pan, water heater, electric iron and other products.

4. Used to dry wood, paper, printing and dyeing, paint waste, etc. 

5. Melting and heating of saltpeter and other salt substances.

6. Melting low melting point alloys, such as lead melting furnace, tin melting furnace, etc. 

7. Building heating.

8. Infrared radiation heating device. 

9. Low-temperature electric furnaces such as industrial electric furnaces and electric furnace boxes with air circulation.

10. Oil, water and other chemical liquids, heating devices in electroplating baths. 

11. Sea water electric distillation device.

12. Heating device for alkali and acid.

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